Kosovo - The Gateway to the Balkans for West Mediterranean Export

West Mediterranean Exporters Association participated in the 16th International Food Fair 2016 AGROKOSheld in Pristina, Kosovo's capital.

West Mediterranean Exporters Association promoted fresh fruits and vegetables and food products of our region in the booth at the fair held in Pristina. West Mediterranean Exporters Association visited Pristina within the framework of creating alternative markets and had faced intense interest not only from Kosovo citizens, but also from businessmen from other neighboring Balkan countries.

Ali DEMIR represented West Mediterranean Exporters at the fair. Ali DEMIR, board member of West Mediterranean Exporters Association, in his assessment of fair, said that Kosovo might be a logistics base for exports to Europe and Balkan countries.

"Almost all food needs of Kosovo are exported from Turkey. A large number of Turkish businessmen have investments in Kosovo, especially on the food industry. We introduced food products, fresh fruits and vegetables of our region to the businessmen visiting our booth at the fair. We also visited managers of supermarkets. Turkish companies entered into the market in Kosovo. Although the volume of our exports to Kosovo is not at the desired level, our exports will increase in the future”, Demir said.

"Kosovo imports all the food needs from Turkey and Kosovo is very close to the Balkan countries. Our export to Europe and Balkan countries could be organized over Kosovo. With many attractive advantages Kosovo stands out to be a logistic base. There are also investment opportunities fields like textile and construction. All these opportunities will be evaluated and necessary steps will be taken in the future”, Demir said.

Turkish Commercial Attaché of Kosova, Mr. Tamer Topaloglu, also visited our booth.