Saudi Arabia Trade Delegation for the Food Sector

In coordination with the Ministry of Trade, Saudi Arabia Trade Delegation for the food sector was organized by our Association. At the first stop of the program in Riyadh, the delegation was accompanied by our Riyadh Ambassador, Prof. Dr. Emrullah ISLER and our Commercial Advisor Mr. Burak BALKANLIOGLU. After completing their field trips and receiving information about the country's trade network and current situation, our companies held 143 bilateral meetings with great interest in the market that has high exports potential.

The second leg of the Food Trade Delegation was held in Jeddah accompanied by our Consul General in Jeddah, Mr. Mustafa ÜNAL, our Commercial Attaché, Mr. Oguz SAHIN, and the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Government Relations Committee, Mr. Sultan Al-Hamid. Following market research activities, the delegation held a total of 110 bilateral business meetings.