Indonesia Natural Stone Sectoral Trade Delegation

The West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAIB) continues its efforts to export more natural stone from our region to more countries.

In this context, BAIB organized a trade delegation to Indonesia and Thailand and brought together the companies of our region with the importers in these countries. In the first stage of the trade delegation program, 9 of our natural stone exporting companies went to Indonesia.

The delegation, accompanied by BAIB Vice President Mustafa Küçükyaman and Board Member Süleyman Duran, held business meetings and facility visits in Indonesia. During the B2B meetings held by our members in Indonesia, Jakarta Ambassador Mr. Prof. Dr. Talip Küçükcan, Chief Commercial Advisor Mr. Erkan Kiper and our Commercial Advisor Mr. Burak Avci also came to the hall and supported our members. Our companies held more than 150 business meetings with representatives of 34 Indonesian natural stone importer companies.